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Today a website must look absolutely stunning on every device regardless of the size! Mobile technology means that the internet is now instantly available to more and more people around the globe. People no longer wait until they are in front of a computer to view your website. In fact 80% of your users will find your website, view your website and interact with your website on a mobile device. If it grabs their attention, works smoothly and quickly, and is easy to navigate then you are well on your way to gaining a new customer, client or visitor to your event. If your website is poorly laid out, moves all around the screen, is hard to navigate then statistics show that most people will leave your site almost immediately and will most likely form a quick negative opinion about your business or organization.

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A website that is out of date, not updated regularly, has broken links or has just become nothing more than a static brochure is not much better than having no website at all! Research has found that most business owners, organization leaders and service industry staff are either too busy or are technologically challenged when it comes to understanding all the different steps required to update a modern, advanced website. While it’s never the intention to neglect the website, it does happen and when it does the outcome speaks volumes about the company, organization or website owner.

Thankfully, WEB HQ has a popular solution for this dilemma. We call it our Virtual Webmaster service. For a modest fee per month we take your most current information in whatever format you may have, like a newsletter, an email campaign, advertising material or just a quick email with new material and we do all the work to make it look amazing, professional and to ensure your website is current, fresh and relevant! Find out more, contact us today for a free quote!


WEB HQ also offers the option to takes the IMAGINATION and INNOVATIVE process one step further than most other web site design companies! We have the expertise to develop NATIVE CODE MOBILE APPS for both iOS and Android platforms. Mobile apps are so much a part of life these days. With a mobile app your company or organization will have the distinct advantage of being instantly accessible on your clients device. A mobile app will also give you access to the latest push-notification technology enabling you to send an instant message to all your users!


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