Hello my name is Rick Graham the founder and creative director at WEB HQ. I established WEB HQ with the goal to offer a one stop solution for professional quality website design and integrated mobile app development at an affordable price point.  We are commited to excellence in our work ethos and guarantee our work by ensuring we use only the latest developments in responsive website design and mobile app technology. As a tech savvy company, we are fully aware that 80% of website users are accessing our clients content through mobile browsers or devices, so we make it our priority to check and customize our clients content to deliver the best user experience on every screen size from the very smallest to the very largest.


With over 20 years experience in web development we have been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. We also understand that most of our clients are looking for a user friendly solution when it comes to editing or adding content, which is why we build 90% of our websites on the well proven WordPress platform. While we can also build custom static sites using HTML 5, Java and CSS 3, our expertise in WordPress development is our first choice as it offers the same creative control while giving the added benefit of being so easy to edit from any web browser anywhere.


In 2012 we introduced native Apple iOS and Google Android mobile apps to our portfolio. Apps allow so much more control over content, social media streams, blog and podcast feeds with the added bonus of being able to use Push Notifications to send an instant pop-up message to every app user at anytime. App’s also provide constant access to off-line content that the user can access even when they are unable to connect to the internet.


A mobile app is a must have addition to any business, organization or web-savvy client who is serious about sharing their message, product or services with their network connections. As experts in producing both excellent responsive websites and mobile apps we can offer an all inclusive package at a price point comparable to what other professional developers would charge for just a website.